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The Nursing and Maternity Line is Growing!

New Maternity Option

Not Only is My Belly Growing – The Women’s Nursing and Maternity Line Is Too!

It’s been no secret that my family is growing this year.  We weren’t expecting to be expecting again so soon, but here we are!  So what a perfect time for me to expand the women’s clothing line with more maternity and nursing options!  What exactly am I adding? Read below!  Not pregnant or breastfeeding?  All of these tops are available for you too!  Check them out!

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Hoodies? Gasp! No Way!

Yes way! You all know I LOVE making and wearing hoodies.  It only makes sense to ensure my ability to continue to wear them throughout my pregnancy and breastfeeding journeys!  I know many of you are hoodie addicts as well, and are super thrilled about the newest additions! Here, take a peek at a recent nursing hoodie:

Nursing Hoodie
Easy zipper access at shoulder seam (Pattern: Tami Hoodie by New Horizons Designs)

This specific hoodie, is a semi-fitted raglan style with nursing access via zippers along the sleeve seams.  To nurse, simply unzip one side, lift the modesty panel, and you know the rest!  You can even undo both sides simultaneously if you are pumping or want to use a milk collector on the other side while nursing.  I wish I had one of this sooner! I wear mine every other day, and I’m not even nursing an infant anymore.  My one year old only nurses at night, so I really just wear it because it’s so comfy!  It will come in handy this fall when my next baby comes! Let’s take a peek at another hoodie style:

Nursing Hoodie
Nursing Hoodie (Pattern: Jessi by CoEmi)

This stunning, German design has a perfect opportunity for a design feature with the front having a seam along the bust-line.  This is a fitted, set-in sleeve tunic style top with an oversized, cowl-like hood.  To nurse, unzip the zipper that runs over the bust, lift the modesty panel and go!  If you’re scared of zippers, I am adding a similar style with access in the same spot, but with hidden access by overlapping fabric layers. Stay tuned for that!  Now, for the newest hoodie addition…

New Hoodie
Hoodie with both nursing and maternity options (Pattern: Tami Hoodie by New Horizons Designs; Fabric: Boho Queens and Quilted Knit by Aurora Design Fabrics)

The previously described raglan style nursing hoodie got an upgrade – a maternity option!  This gives your hoodie a longer life span, since you can wear it through pregnancy AND afterwards as a nursing hoodie.  Or you can be pregnant and nurse in it if you are in a situation like I am!  I will wear this bad boy until the fabric disintegrates, it is seriously so comfortable! Let’s move onto some other tops that I’ve introduced this past couple of weeks.

New Nursing Top Styles – These Can Also Be Hoodies Too!

Seriously, I have all the love in the world for hoodies; however, I do realize that you can’t wear them all the time.  So here are a couple of top styles that I’ve made recently that are really great for everyday wear or even office wear.

Nursing Top
Slim Fit Raglan Top with Side-Bust Access (Pattern: Slim Fit Raglan by Patterns for Pirates)

This slim fit raglan style top has nursing access on either side of the bust.  No zippers involved!  I’m personally excited to try this style, because sometimes undoing a zipper with one hand while holding a screaming baby can be frustrating.  This style can be 3/4 sleeve or short sleeve and has the option to toss a hood on it too.  Use lighter or heavier fabrics to suit the season! I’m still making a couple of revisions to this specific design, but it will be perfected and ready to go soon!

New Nursing Top!
This top has a hidden zipper along the seam that runs across the bust. (Pattern: Hyak Hoodie by Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop)

While this top was originally designed as a hoodie, I had a special request by a customer to make it into a standard neckline.  I think it turned out great and is a totally awesome nursing top!  It has a zipper that runs along the seam over the bust, which makes for perfect nursing access.  This style has a two-way zipper so you can unzip either side easily, or both if you need access simultaneously.  I also will include a modesty panel underneath for any future orders to limit any exposure of the top of the breast. Now, onto another maternity option!

Nursing and Maternity Top
Cross-Front Flowy Top (Pattern: Boobielicious by Made by Runi ; Fabric: Liverpool Stripes by Aurora Design Fabrics)

This Swedish top is actually not drafted for nursing or maternity, but just so happens to be perfect for both! The deep, cross front makes nursing access very easy, and the flowy bottom has plenty of room for a growing belly! Now, onto my favorite maternity top!

Maternity Top Option
Fitted  Maternity Top (Pattern: Layer Me Up by Patterns for Pirates ; Fabric: Emi Stripes by Aurora Design Fabrics)

This fitted, in-set sleeve top has a scoop neck, sleeve options, and length options. I made this one in tunic length to ensure proper coverage so that I could shamelessly wear leggings as pants. Ha!  Also, the scoop neck style is perfect for nursing as well.  I have tested it multiple times!  I have made this top a few times before as a non-maternity style and it’s just love!

That’s All For Now

That’s all that I have as far as new and spotlight items for you, but there is more to come so stay tuned!  Want to place an order for your own custom clothing item?  Message me on Facebook or submit an Order Request Form here on the site!  I have been limiting my in-stock fabrics so we can shop around and get you exactly what you want.  The sky is the limit!  Let me know what you have in mind!

While you’re here, check out the Product Gallery and see my previous work.  Join my Facebook group to stay in the loop on what’s new and to see completed orders as I finish them.  We are also coming up on another giveaway for reaching a member milestone, so be sure to check it out!

*Pattern credits go to Patterns for Pirates, New Horizons Designs, CoEmi, Made by Runi, and Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop

*Custom fabric credits go to Aurora Design Fabrics! The quality is unmatched! 

Thank you so much for reading!  Every view, like, and share means the world to me!

Until next time,

Jenna H.


Nursing Hoodie - Sleeve Access


*Links to pattern and fabric companies may be affiliate links, meaning I get a small promotional credit from each purchase. These promotional credits go back into the shop and allow me to keep making beautiful things!

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Update Time! What I’ve Been Up To

Activity Has Been Low, Here’s Why:

I figured an update may be in order since things have been a little slow. Unfortunately, I haven’t been working on something new and awesome for everyone; although, I plan to! I have been playing catch-up after my household being sick from before Halloween until just after Thanksgiving. It was brutal and it seriously threw off my groove! (Insert Sound Clip from Famous Kid’s Movie) I’ll have you know, I have been working my booty off getting back to where we were just before Halloween. I won’t let one pesky illness get in our way!

I have two orders left on my catch-up list and then I’m working on current stuff – yay! That means I can add more awesome items in stock and spend time creating new and exciting things for you all! I do have one new trick up my sleeve, but I’m not willing to divulge that info just yet. You’ll have to stick around for my announcement, and trust me, it’s awesome!

What’s Been Popular?

Hoodies! That’s easy. I’ve been making hoodies out the wazoo! I love them! From children’s Grow-With-Me hoodies to Nursing Hoodies, it’s all been under my sewing machines! See examples in the Product Gallery!

Pattern Testing/Fabric Strikeoff Sewing:

I have recently become affiliated/connected with some fabric companies and pattern makers; therefore, I have been involved in some pattern testing and strikeoff sewing. What’s pattern testing? It’s when a pattern maker needs seamstresses to sew and test out their patterns before they release them to the public. What’s strikeoff sewing? It’s when a fabric company needs seamstresses to sew up samples of their recent prints/rounds in order to help advertise. What does this mean for The Cloth Side? It means we get more patterns to choose from when ordering and it means we get to see fabric that has yet to be sold to anyone else, giving us an opportunity to order at pre-order pricing (giving me the option to give you better deals!). It also helps me grow my name as a seamstress in the sewing community! It’s all around a good thing to have these kinds of connections. Still don’t understand? That’s okay! Ask away!

Goals for 2018:

My overall goal for the new year is to utilize the website more frequently! This will create a much simpler checkout process for everyone, with the invoicing via email as a backup method. I would LOVE to start creating more inventory and having more amazing ready-to-ship items for you. Not just bibs and simple shirts. I want to bring you custom-designed by ME items for you to purchase on the website instantly, with the option of custom ordering if you need a specific size or color variation.

One idea that I have been sitting on for a very long time and that keeps coming back to me no matter how many times I try to ignore it is some sort of Mystery Subscription Pack. I think this could be seriously cool, if I could fine tune it to meet your needs/wants. I will need YOUR help getting it to that point! I’m envisioning something like this: You fill out a questionnaire telling me all of your preferences (size/age, gender (if desired), color preferences, product desires, etc), then you can subscribe (1 month minimum, no need to cancel either!), and I’ll create some goodies for you based off of your questionnaire and you’ll get a package of mystery handmade treasures! Like I said, it will need fine tuning, but I think it could be amazing, especially for gifting!

What Would You Like to See Happen?

I’m coming to you to ask what you would prefer to see happen in The Cloth Side? Is there a product you’ve been dying for me to introduce? Are you wanting more in-stock items? More personalized custom items? A better ordering system? Let me know what you would like to see so I can make it happen!

Thanks so much for reading! I’ve been working on adding a Product Gallery to the site to give the site a bit more substance. Let me know what you think! I hope this update was helpful to my loyal, and oh so patient customers. Thank you for being you!

Until next time,

Jenna H.

Find The Cloth Side on social Media! Facebook, FB Group, Instagram, Pinterest, and more! Check out what is left in-stock or even place a custom order!

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Testing Chelsea Pants – Flares Are Back!

Flares are Back!

Testing the Chelsea Pants by Greenstyle Creations

This past week, I had the pleasure of testing a pattern for Greenstyle Creations owner, Angelynn Bennett. This test was for a brand new pants pattern that will soon be in every seamstress’ possession because it is amazing! From the comfortable, slide-on waist to the slimming, figure flattering seams, this pattern is designed to flatter just about every shape and size (XXS-3XL). They are definitely this season’s “must have” pant!

One of my favorite attributes of this pattern is that you can use just about any stable knit with a bare minimum of 25% horizontal stretch. This gave us testers a huge selection of fabrics to play with. In testing, I saw people use ponte, scuba, corduroy, stretch velvet, stretch denim, and more!

My fabric choice was a vibrant scuba print from Joann Fabrics. I would normally order from one of my favorite online vendors; however, I wanted to feel the fabric that I was going to use before purchasing this time. It was my first time ever using scuba and it was amazing. I definitely see more projects with it in the future!

I’m so glad that flared pants are finally coming back. Maybe it’s because I have weird shaped legs so leggings and skinny jeans make me look and feel awkward, I’m not sure, but I’m happy to help bring them back! Not only do I love the flared look, but I love, love, LOVE the waistband! With this stretchy, slide-on waistband, there’s no sucking your organs into your chest cavity to secure a button and zipper. We’ve all been there and know it’s embarrassing even if we are all alone. So let’s all avoid that awkward contortionist act for the sake of a pair of big brand jeans and replace them with some amazing handmade Chelsea Pants! And if you decide to go with a material with less stretch, a lovely tester created a button hack to allow the pants to slide on by folding the front waistband panel down and then folding it back up and securing afterwards. It looks AWESOME. However, this mombod will be sticking with stetchier materials because you know, mombod.

Sewing these pants was a lot easier than I anticipated, which was very pleasing. I believe any enthusiastic sewist could tackle these pants with ease! And if anyone has any trouble, check out Greenstyle’s Facebook Group for assistance from Angelynn, her team, and other experienced sewist members of the group.

For anyone wanting to make some amazing new pants, the pattern is on sale here until Friday so be sure to grab it now! You won’t regret it, I promise!

I’m so thankful to have been selected to help test this pattern. I can’t wait for more sewing adventures in the future! In the meantime, I’ll be sewing for my customers and taking care of my babies.

For any customers wanting to order a pair of your own, contact me and we will discuss pricing.

While you’re here, don’t forget to check out the Shop for in-stock items!

If you’re not already a member, join my Facebook Group to get exclusive info on what’s going on at The Cloth Side.

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram!

Well, friends, until next time! Take care!


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These pants were made with Greenstyle Creations’ pattern “Chelsea Pants” which is available for purchase and download here.

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“There’s No Pattern for This” Life as a Seamstress and a Mommy of Tiny Humans

Three Under Three

That sounds stressful in itself, right? Well, it is. My three kids are my pride and joy and I’ll never wish my life any different, but I won’t lie and say that it’s easy. I endure chaos every single day, but I also get to witness those precious moments that you never want to miss out on. That’s what makes the craziness worth it. I keep seeing a saying that is so true for me, “If you think my hands are full, you should see my heart.”

My Babies

My oldest is about to turn three. He is crazy smart, imaginative, and full of non-stop energy. My middle child will be two soon and is adventurous, observative, and endlessly curious. My youngest is almost one and is loving, adventurous, and very social. These three balls of energy are what keep me going everyday. Their smiles make every mess, poopy diaper, and sleepless night worth it.


How do I make time to sew? You probably think I sew during this magical fairytale thing called “naptime.” Well, I’m here to tell you that this so-called naptime thing doesn’t exist anymore. In order to be granted sewing time, I have to line everything up just right. I have to make sure all of the kids’ needs are met (i.e. bellies are full, sippy cups are full, diapers are fresh, used the potty, there is an agreed upon show on tv, etc.) and I have to distract them somehow so I can slip away to my sewing room. It’s a very tedious set of tasks that take a copious amount of energy and positive thoughts.

If, and only if, I can do the balance act and somehow pass ‘Go’s without getting a ticket, I can start concentrating on my sewing tasks. Nine times out of ten, the moment I get myself organized and reasy to tackle a task, I hear “Mommmmyyyy!” or screams of some kind. I then have to pop back into mommy mode and start the balancing act all over again, all while praying that the nap gods would sprinkle some sleepy dust our way. So, obviously there are days where I’m unable to successfully complete sewing tasks during the day. Therefore, I am left with a small window of time after bedtime.


That’s another tricky time of the day. You would think that not napping during the day would make them so exhausted that they would pass right out, but that is most definitely not what happens. It’s actually very opposite. Almost like they all had an energy drink and suddenly are more awake than ever.

After possibly hours of getting the kids to bed, there is a small chance that I might be able to sew. If I have the energy. If the baby stays asleep. I usually give up on it and make myself promise to get up early. But then we are back to the daytime sewing problem, because these little boogers don’t sleep in, even if they are up all night.

How do I do it?

Caffeine and positivity. Maybe a sprinkle of unicorn tears or fairy dust, I’m not sure really. Keeping a positive mindset makes all the difference though. It’s been a rough year for me. A lot of negative and trying things happened. Keeping my mind on the flip side keeps me going. Oh, and the caffeine really helps a lot. Like, a LOT.

But seriously, no one tells you how hard being a stay-at-home parent can be. Add working out of the home on top of that, and it’s a whole new level of crazy. There is no official “How To” manual. There is no “Pattern” or “Tutorial.” You just have to wing it most days and use your best judgment and instincts.

Let’s face it. That meticulous plan or schedule that you are trying so hard to enforce isn’t going to work most of the time. The kids aren’t going to be in a cooperative mood every single day. They will throw tantrums, destroy things, push you to your limits. You can’t plan for that.

Moral of the Story

What am I getting at here? Being a parent is hard. Being a business owner is hard. Being a stay-at-home parent and a business owner is harder. There is no shame in being real and admitting that you’re not perfect. Some days will be more productive than others. Some days will not be productive at all, and that’s okay. The key is to be positive and use your time wisely.

It’s okay to need a break. Sit down every once in a while and watch movie while eating junk food with the kids. But then go bust your butt and rock your job,  whatever that may be. You’ve got this!

If you’re a SAHM, WAHM, or WAHP, and struggling, feel free to reach out to me or the enormous community of work from home parent community! It’s not easy, but you’re not alone.

Until next time!



See what’s new by checking in at The Cloth Side of Things, my Facebook group. Also check the Shop before you go.

Contact me with any questions at all!

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My First Adventure as a Pattern Tester

Cloudy Day Hoodie

Sewing Adventures: Pattern Testing

A little over a week ago, I awoke to a message from a pattern maker whom I’d been following for a couple of months. To my surprise, she wanted my help testing one of her new patterns before she released it. I suppose I wasn’t totally surprised because I applied for the job when she announced the tester call on Facebook, but I really didn’t think I’d be chosen. I’m really glad she did!

Not only was this my first test of a pattern, but it was my first time ever using a Euro pattern. Yikes! However, the pattern pieces were labeled in English as well and I was given an English tutorial which I was VERY thankful for.

The pattern was for a hoodie, a hooded cardigan with pockets. I was pretty excited to add a new hoodie to my wardrobe. Especially with some of the fabric I’d been dying to slice into for months. So I printed, taped, and cut the pattern and then cut my chosen fabric. All things I’m very familiar with at this point.

Assembly of the pieces was basically the same as what I’m used to; however, I had a little bit of trouble with binding the entire hoodie. I do not have a ton of experience making my own binding, nor do I have the proper binding attachment for my machines. But that didn’t stop me from making a beautiful hoodie!

I sent off my final photos for her to use to advertise the release of the pattern and enjoyed my new hoodie for at least 48 hours of wear. Next time, I’ll size down a size or two, but for now, I’ll enjoy my roomy hoodie perfect for cooler weather! The real test will be seeing if she asks me to test any more patterns. I guess time will tell!

I haven’t decided whether or not I’ll be adding this style of hoodie to my shop yet. I’ll need more practice refining my binding skills and investing in a binding attachment for my machine before diving down that rabbithole. I will, however, keep this style of pocket in my bag of tricks because I absolutely love it!

I’m absolutely tickled that I had the opportunity to test this pattern. If you are interested in checking out the pattern, you can see it here. It’s called the Cloudy Day Hoodie. If you need help with it, feel free to contact me!

I am adding some new stock items so be sure to check the shop before you go. Submit an Order Request Form if you would like to have something custom made! Check the Facebook Group, The Cloth Side of Things, to see what other new things are happening!

Thanks for reading! -Jenna

New Hoodie by Made by Runi patterns!
Cloudy Day Hoodie for the win!
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Feeling Bold? Love Leggings? You’ll Love This!


What’s new?! Galaxy Aztec Leggings are a brand new item over at The Cloth Side! A small pre-order was run with a few participants from the exclusive Facebook group,  The Cloth Side of Things. The custom fabric designer who ran the pre-order, Aurora Designs Fabrics, is responsible for creating such a beautiful print! I know that myself and my group are looking forward to other colorways in the future!

This fabric is on a single brushed poly base with significant stretch. The brushed side is butter soft while the non-brushed side is slick and smooth. This fabric is by far the most comfortable I’ve worn in a long time!


Leggings aren’t the only awesome garment you can have made with this out-of-this-world print! Are you dreaming of a hoodie? A beanie? A newborn gown? Something totally different? This fabric is more than likely good for it! Ask me about placing a custom order to get exactly what you’re dreaming up!


Love leggings? Great! Here’s some info on my leggings! Sizes range from XXS to 3XL with inseam options from 28″ to 37″. You can also choose capri lengths for the upcoming warmer weather! Pricing for full length adult leggings starts out at $40 for this print.


Are you a sucker for Mommy and Me sets? Check out this adorable custom order!

Visit my Etsy shop to order your own pair today!

Want to custom order another clothing item in this gorgeous print? Head on over to the exclusive Facebook group to find out how!

There is a very limited amount of fabric left so don’t wait around to order your Galaxy Aztec items! Let’s make something amazing!

Until Next Time,

Jenna Hobbs


The Cloth Side

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A New TCS Children’s Item is Here Just in Time for Spring!

New! Raincoat!
Custom prototype raincoat for The Cloth Side

Rain, Rain, Go Away! No, wait! Come back! I want to play in the rain and jump in the puddles!

Does your kid want to play in the rain but doesn’t have an awesome raincoat that suits your child’s personality? Why not have a custom raincoat made just for that amazing kid of yours?


This coat is made with PUL (Eco-PUL polyurethane laminate) as the waterproof outer layer. I’ve lined the prototype with a cuddly soft microfleece, which gives it a thermal layer to keep your kid warm while splashing through the rain. It can be lined with fabric as light as cotton, as cuddly as minky, and as thermal as fleece.


Pricing for these adorable custom raincoats by size. See below:

-Size 12-24 mo mo $50

-Size 2-3T  $55

-4/5 $60

-6/7 $65

-8/9 $70

Thinking about ordering one of these for your little puddle jumper? Check out my fabric options over in my Facebook group, The Cloth Side of Things (, and see when my ordering opens back up. Feel free to contact me with any questions!

Until next time,

Jenna Hobbs

Order a custom TCS raincoat for your little puddle jumper over in my Facebook group!
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Mystery Gift Winner Gets Something Totally Unexpected

Plush Bat Folded Wings
Plush Bat Folded Wings
Plush Bat Handmade by Jenna at The Cloth Side

What’s better than a mystery gift? Maybe the lottery, but handmade plushies are pretty good too, right?

I host giveaways and random drawings in my Facebook group ( often. This past Friday, I asked for my group members to share their heartfelt wishes for their children’s futures for a chance to win a handmade by me gift. After nearly thirty heartwarming and tear-inducing responses, I closed the thread and used to draw the winner. I drew a one lucky winner who wished many great things for her future children.

I am very ADD when it comes to my sewing projects, which you may have noticed if you follow my group. I obsess over something new and I have to try it before my mind will leave me alone. That was a major motivator behind this giveaway-a valid excuse to do something new. Clever, right? It’s a win-win, in my totally biased opinion.

After scrolling through Etsy, I came across some adorable plushies and it was over from there. I had to make one! I’m so glad that I did because it turned out great! I chose to make an adorable plush bat that measures nearly 12″ tall! He has a precious hand sewn face and a silky soft, minky body. He’s the perfect gift and very customizable too! I can’t wait to hear feedback from the gracious prize winner.

After receiving so much love for this little guy, I am considering taking orders for them! If you aren’t already a member of my Facebook group, make sure to join so that you don’t miss out on your chance to order your own plush bat very soon!

Pricing starts at $25 and may vary based upon fabric choices or other customizable features. Order here:

Until Next Time,

Jenna Hobbs, The Cloth Side

Plush Bat
Handmade Plush Bat Handmade by Jenna at The Cloth Side
Plush Bat - Size Reference
Handmade Plush Bat by Jenna at The Cloth Side – Pen for Size Reference
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What’s New in My Shop? Carseat Ponchos!


What’s a Carseat Poncho, You Ask?

Well, a carseat poncho is basically just a hooded, thermal poncho that parents utilize in place of thick, poofy winter coats that can cause major safety issues.

What makes these ponchos safer?  The simple answer is that they don’t interfere with the straps; therfore, your child can still be tightened down as far as they need to be. When putting a child in a carseat with a poofy winter coat, you aren’t able to tighten the straps down as far as they need to go. The coats pose a huge ejection risk in the event of an accident. To prove this, a quick test can be done by putting your child in their seat with their coat on, tightening them down as far as possible, and then take the coat off without adjusting the straps. If there is enough loose strap so that it can be pinched in between your fingers, you’ve proven the coat unsafe to wear in the seat. The poofy coat will compress in an accident, which means that extra slack in the seat could let your child skip through. So the only solution options are thin thermal layers that won’t add bulk under the straps, or over-the-strap options.

Common over-the-strap methods are reverse coats, blankets, or ponchos. Both the reverse coat and blanket methods are great; however, they require you to remove your child’s coat before strapping him or her in which leave your child exposed to the elements until you can recover him or her after finishing strapping. With these two methods, getting out of the vehicle can be inconvenient as well since you have to uncover the child, put the coat back on, and try to do so quickly to keep him or her warm. If trying to use the blanket as a coat, wrapping the baby and keeping him or her wrapped until you get the child indoors can be a pain if you have a wiggly baby, not including you trying to carry your purse or diaper bag too.

That leaves the carseat poncho as the third over-the-strap method used. What’s so special about the poncho? The carseat poncho is the best method that parents can use that they can rely on to be safe and warm while easy to use. The ponchos are normally made with two layers of fleece, making them very warm. You don’t have to remove the poncho to strap your kid in the carseat; therfore, your kid stays warm the whole time! You lift the back of the poncho up over the seat so you don’t have to worry about strap interference there. To strap or unstrap, you simply lift up or open the poncho. Once done strapping the child in, simply let the poncho fall over top of the child, which acts like a blanket. The last huge pro about the poncho is that you can let your child wear the poncho as a coat while you navigate indoors. No fusing with putting the coat back on unless weather conditions are unbearable.

So how do you keep your baby safe and warm in the carseat in the winter? That’s right. Carseat ponchos! How do you get your hands on one for your own baby? You can find small custom shops to make one for you, like myself! Contact me to custom order your own today. You and your baby will thank you!

My sizes are:

1/2 (0-6 Mo), 1 (6-12 Mo), 2 (12-24 Mo), 4 (2-4 Yrs), 6 (4-6 Yrs), 8 (6-8 Yrs)

Options are:

Fringed Bottom/Unfringed Bottom & Snap Closure/Pullover Option

Pricing starts out at $35 and increases based on size. Order in my Facebook group:

Please contact me with any questions about how to keep your baby safe and warm this winter.

Until next time,



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A Year for New Things

Hi all!

Welcome to my new site. I’ll be using this site to express my new ideas and showcase previous work. Hopefully you all will be able to get to know me in a new way!

Welcome to The Cloth Side! Let’s create some beautiful things!


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How to Order

How to Order

How do you order your very own custom item? Join the exclusive Facebook group:

Don’t have a Facebook? Message me on here or email me at and I’ll walk you through the process.

Typically, I’ll let customers choose from any of my in-stock fabrics to design their items. If someone comes to me with a brand new idea, I can order fabric specifically for their order. I’m open to new things so if you have something in mind, just contact me!

Join my group and we can work together to create great things!